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Nebraska Professional Practices Commission


The goal of the NPPC is to develop, promote, and enforce standards of professionalism for Nebraska educators.

The Legislature has declared that teaching in public schools in Nebraska and the related services, including administrative and supervisory services, to be a profession, with all of the rights, responsibilities, and privileges accorded to other recognized professions.

Persons holding Nebraska public school certificates must conduct themselves in a professional manner. The privileges conferred are not absolute, but are conditional. Each certificate holder must maintain the standards required of a Nebraska school certificate holder, as outlined in Title 92, Nebraska Administrative Code, Chapter 27 (92 NAC 27) also known as Rule 27. The failure to maintain these standards may constitute grounds for discipline of the certificate holder ranging from a private admonishment to the revocation of an educator's certificate.

The NPPC holds hearings on Petitions filed by the Commissioner of Education and makes recommendations regarding educators' certificates after complaints and investigations have shown that a violation may have occurred.

For Regulations Concerning Teacher and Administrator Professional Practices Hearing and/or Regulations Concerning Teacher and Administrator Certificate Reinstatement, see Title 95, Nebraska Administrative Code, Chapter 1 and/or Title 95, Nebraska Administrative Code, Chapter 2.

For a summary of yearly cases and more detailed information email the clerk at: